Chest Workouts – Top 6 Chest Exercises For Mass Gain

The big chest workouts for muscular & strong pecs

Chest workouts; A well-defined chest establishes a strong “presence” and is a physical projection of confidence and competence. The pectoral muscles, or “pecs,” are an important symbol of physical strength.

For the exercises, choose the kind to develop a strong chest. Whether it is the classic press bench or else, the form is the most important part.

chest workouts for mass

The right form to follow will help you to get the result that you need. During your chest workouts please be careful not to overload the weight, or you will injure yourself easily.

Your goal is to build your best body. You do not have to be like the pros. Now, here is the top 6 chest workouts!

Barbell Bench Press

This exercise greatly benefits you with satisfying results. Barbell bench presses help you build strength and muscle density. It will not just be your chest that receives the benefits, but also your shoulders and triceps.

barbell bench press

Starting Position: Lie on a flat bench and firmly place your feet flat on the floor, slightly more than a shoulder-width apart.

Your back should be flat on the bench. Using a grip broader than shoulder width (about 90 degrees), hold the barbell above your body. Keep your arms locked.

The Exercise: Inhale as you slowly lower the weight until it is in contact with the middle of your chest. After a second of breath, push the bar back to its starting position. Do not forget to exhale while doing this. Use your chest muscle to push the bar up. Once it is on top again, hold it for a second before slowly lowering it again.

Repeat this movement as recommended. Once you are done, do not forget to put the barbell back in the rack. It is okay if you would like some assistance to place it back there.

Barbell Incline Press

This exercise focuses on your upper chest area to enhance your strength and coordination.

barbell incline press

Starting Position: The incline bench with a barbell rack should be set at a 45-degree angle. Sit on the bench. Your feet should be on the floor slightly more than a shoulder-width apart.

Rest your back firmly against the bench. Make sure that your shoulder blades are retracted. Using a grip slightly wider than shoulder width, hold the bar over your upper chest with your arms straight.

The Exercise: Lower the bar slowly until it is in contact with your upper chest. Do that by flexing your elbows, but make sure that you stay in control by not letting the bar bounce off your chest. Keep your lats tight and your elbows drawn in.

Do not forget to exhale while doing this. After the bar is in contact with your torso, extend the elbows to return the bar to its starting position while you inhale. Repeat as recommended.

Dumbbell Bench Press

The dumbbell bench press builds mass and “stimulates” the chest muscles well. To balance the two separate weights, you must use more stabilizer muscles.

This helps keep the bones and joints in a secure position while the main muscle groups extend and flex the body parts while on the training.

dumbbell bench press

Starting Position: Lie on a flat bench. Hold a dumbbell in each hand resting on your thighs. Your palms should face each other. Using your thighs, lift the dumbbells one at a time until they are at shoulder’s width.

Then rotate your wrists, so the palms are not facing your way. With your upper arm and forearm on a 90-degree-angle, keep the dumbbells to the sides of your chest. Stay in control when you are at this position.

The Exercise: With the strength of your chest, push the dumbbells up. Lock your arms and squeeze your chest once the dumbbells are at the top. Hold them right there for a second and do not forget to exhale.

Then slowly, put them down again while you inhale. Repeat the movement as recommended, but do not just drop the dumbbells to your sides once you are done. This might injure your shoulders’ rotator cuffs.

Dumbbell Incline Press

Both the dumbbell incline press and dumbbell bench press can be done on a flat or incline bench.

The incline press causes you to shift the focus of the exercise to the upper chest area. Setting the incline bench at a steeper angle will place even more emphasis on the upper pecs.

dumbbell incline press

Starting Position: Sit on the edge of an incline bench set at about a 45-degree angle. Pick up a dumbbell in each hand and place them on your thighs. Then lift one dumbbell at a time and hold them at shoulder width.

After that, slowly rotate your wrists, so your palms do not face your way. Do not forget to maintain the control of the dumbbells.

The Exercise: Keep your arms locked at the top for a second before slowly lowering the weight. Do not forget to inhale while doing this.

Repeat the movements as recommended. Once you are done, be careful not just to drop your dumbbells on your sides. Put them on your thighs first before putting them on the floor.

Dumbbell Flyes

The stretching and flexing motion of this exercise defines the muscles around the perimeter of your chest. Dumbbell flyes can be done on a flat or an incline bench.

Experimenting with the angle changes of the bench will enhance the muscle development by slightly shifting the emphasis of the exercise.

dumbbell flyes

Starting Position: Lie down a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Your palms should be facing each other. Lift the dumbbells over your chest by extending your arms.

Keep your elbows slightly bent while doing this. Your hips and shoulders should stay flat on the bench, and your feet should stand flat on the floor.

The Exercise: To prevent your biceps tendon from experiencing stress, lower your arms in a wide arc until your chest feels stretched. Inhale while doing this.

After staying still for a second, then return your arms back to its starting position. Squeeze your chest muscles and exhale while doing this. Repeat this exercise as recommended.

Cable Crossovers

With cable crossovers, you also get to stretch and flex your chest muscles, with more flexibility.

cable crossovers

Starting Position: The pulleys should be in a high position/above your head. Choose the right resistance before holding the pulleys in each hand.

Step into an imaginary line between pulleys. Pull them together in front of you while doing that. Your torso should also bend forward slightly.

The Exercise: Slightly bend your elbows to prevent injuries to your biceps tendon. Extend your arms in a wide arc until your chest feels stretched. Inhale while doing this, but your arms and torso should remain still once you are at this position.

Only your shoulder joint can move. After a second, slowly return your arms back to their starting position. Do not forget to exhale while doing this. Hold on for another second before you repeat the movement. You may repeat this exercise as recommended.

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