Dianabol Cycle Guide – Build BIGGER Muscles

Dianabol cycle tips to get the best results

WARNING; This Dianabol cycle may contain any dangerous effects of steroids like gynecomastia, liver damage, acne, etc. Alternatively, we recommend taking D-Bal by Crazy Bulks, a legal steroids Dianabol with no side effects.

dbal dianabol cycle results
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Dianabol (well known as Dbol, Diana, Anabol, Danabol) has been the most popular oral anabolic steroids. It is actually a brand name of Methandrostenolone by a Swiss pharmaceutical and chemical company, Ciba.

Dianabol is popular among bodybuilders or athletes to reach their workout goals without compromising their health. They use Dianabol to build mass muscle, gain strength, and stamina in a fast and effective way.

Since Dianabol’s form is in tablets, it would be suitable to those that are nervous using injectable steroids and people who want to take the supplement orally.

The reason why this oral steroid is so popular is its relatively cheap price. It is also very effective to build muscle mass and enhance the performance faster than other anabolic steroids. It only takes three to four weeks.

Yet, the results depend on your proper diet and your workout regimen.

debol cycle results
Muscle building and strength gains with dbol anabolic steroid cycle

How and when to take Dianabol

If this the first time you want to take Dianabol, then this question would have crossed your mind, “How and when to take Dianabol safely?”. But firstly, we need to know that Dianabol is available in both injectable and oral forms—if you don’t want to use any needle.

Dianabol is recommended to take many times per day for better and long-lasting results. You could split the dosage as per your prescription by dividing the tablets into 3 doses, to take 3 times daily.

And it is also effective when you take Dianabol in smaller amount with your meal times because it would be easier on your stomach. If you’re running a Dianabol cycle, you should eat more to gain your muscle.

Still, you don’t have to eat in a large amount because the rules of nutrition do not change even though you consume Dianabol or not. You are going to get fat if you can’t control your hunger.

Some people take Dianabol before the workout. It will enhance the stamina and performance during workout sessions.

Also, read our top-rated natural pre-workout supplements; no2 max and black wolf track.

How Many Tablets of Dianabol to Take with the Right Cycle?

Some people, especially the beginner often ask how many tablets to take a day. Actually, the dosage of Dianabol is based on individual size, gender and tolerance level to a type of steroid or hormone.

Sample Dianabol cycles: Daily dosage

  • Beginners. 20mg – 30 mg per day is the common dosage that generally prescribed.
  • Advanced performance, you can increase the dosage to 50mg per day. Take 50 mg of Dianabol still in safe amount, but keep an eye on your blood pressure.

Taking a wrong dosage may cause hypertension. Otherwise, if you take the right dosage, you will get the maximum of dbol cycle results. Please take a note that you shouldn’t take more than 80mg per day because it can harm your body.

A cycle of Dianabol should be around four to six weeks.

This Dianabol cycle also depends on your goals. Like how big you need your muscle to be, or how long you need more stamina for your exercise.

Mostly, Dianabol can help you gain as much as 16 pounds of muscle mass only in 8 weeks. So it is important to take these supplements in cycles to provide such impressive results.

Side Effects of Dianabol

Like any other drugs or supplements, Dianabol also has some side effects. Dianabol contains hepatotoxic. It categorized as a 17 alpha-alkylated steroid.

Which means if you use this supplement for a long time period or you take more than the recommended dosage, it may cause liver failure.

That is why you need to be on-cycle duration to give the chance of your body to take a rest, and your liver values can return to normal.

The recommended Dianabol cycle is usually four to six weeks to cut the side effects.

Keep on this Dbol cycle is recommended, especially if you are a beginner. Remember never exceed more than 8 weeks because it can harm your body.

Dianabol has androgenic side effects, include acne and oily skin, aggressiveness and possibility to get male pattern baldness. However, it depends on the person himself on how prone they are to the side effects.

Estrogen-related side effects also possible, it will cause gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) during the cycle.

Worry not, these side effects can be prevented by taking the recommended dosage and be on-cycle duration.

Many people who want to get the instant result to start using the high dosage of Dianabol. Instead of building huge size and strength on your body, you might be setting up for long-term damage.

What Supplements to Take with Dianabol?

If you plan to do Dianabol cycle, consider taking one of these supplements. Milk thistle, Liv-52 or Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) to protect the liver while taking Dianabol.

In case you were looking for the best natural bulking stack! We’ve done the research and write it down here. All stacks are an alternative to steroids such as DecaDuro (Deca Durabolin), Trenorol (Trenbolone), D-Bal (Dianabol), and Testo Max (Sustanon).

Post cycle therapy & Recovery

The main reason for post cycle therapy (PCT) is to recover a hormone level. Protect your body’s health with well-planned PCT. In a period of PCT, you can use SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) for example Clomid or Nolvadex.

However! There are PCT alternatives that can be considered. Not pro hormone and risk-free from any steroid toxics. It’s called, crazy bulk PCT. Read now!


Many bodybuilders or athletes use Dianabol cycle to build muscle growth, strength gain, and stamina quickly. It takes only 4 to 6 weeks to get the impressive results. Yet, the results depend on your diet and your workout plan.

The recommended dosage for beginners not more than 30mg per day. Taking a wrong dosage may cause hypertension.

Dianabol also has some side effects include liver failure, acne, and oily skin, aggressiveness, baldness and also gynecomastia. But these side effects can be prevented by taking the proper dosage and on-cycle duration.

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