Dianabol (Methandienone) Muscle Building Steroids

Dianabol, The Powerful & Fast Anabolic Steroid for Muscle Growth

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Legal Dianabol alternatives

Dianabol or Methandienone (C20 H28 O2) is a steroid which is derived from methandrostenolone. In specific, Dianabol is made to enhance ‘athletes and soldiers’ performance. The street name for this steroid called Dbol.

Through the years, Dianabol has been one of the popular steroids. Dbol can be consumed orally through injection. Yet, the orally taking has been more popular than the injected one.

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The Use of Dianabol

Dianabol works by increasing protein synthesis rate and nitrogen retention. High nitrogen retention will give a result of leaner mass and firmer muscles. This will keep you in an anabolic state and avoid the muscle waste. That’s why Dbal could help athletes to gain more mass.

Another trait of Dianabol is enhancing glycogenolysis. In short, a good glycogenolysis will turn carbohydrate into energy more efficiently.

Dbol use will give you more strength and will not let your body turn carbohydrates into fat. This is why Dianabol is a great steroid for athletes especially bodybuilders and weight-lifters.

Many athletes choose Dbal over other steroids in the bulking cycle due to its function of mass and strength gain.

dianabol metandienone steroids
Methandienone trade names: Dianabol / Averbol / Danabol / Naposim / Metanabol / Vetanabol

Dianabol Dosage

For Beginners

Dianabol dosage should start at 10 mg per day. With the right stack, this dosage could provide the desired mass gain. Keep in mind that any steroid would not work well if you are not eating proper nutrition. Consult your professional trainer about your diet and stack.

For Bodybuilders

May start at 20 mg per day. Once the effect is positive, you can add the dosage up to 50 mg per day. In most men, 50 mg is the maximum dosage. Remember, the higher the dose, the more opened you are to the negative side effects.

However, some bodybuilders may need more than 50 mg during the off-season. The dosage can reach up to 75 mg per day. With this dose, the usage duration should be no more than two weeks.

Dianabol Side Effects

Methandrostenolone is one of the oral steroids. This means Dbol tablet could pass the liver before it is destroyed by the body system. That’s why high dosages could be toxic to the liver. To avoid this, you need to really take care of your lifestyle.

In most cases, men who eat proper nutrition and leave alcohol out of their daily habit would not catch the negative side effects.

Another side effect that may occur is the testosterone suppression. Like all other steroids, Dianabol tends to suppress testosterone level in the body. That’s why Dbol usage should be balanced with external testosterone supplements.

Some experts recommend planning a post cycle therapy. This is due to the gynecomastia side effect of Dianabol. Gynecomastia is breast enlargement, and you would not want to ruin your performance with it.

Dianabol Stacking

Dbol comes in tablet and injection. If you are choosing a tablet, it is best that you choose injection steroids to stack with it. This is because if you are taking two oral steroids at a time, it will burden your liver job. Once your liver is burdened with the steroids, you are more susceptible to negative side effects.

The first stack that you need to take is testosterone. You can use Testosterone Etananthe to supply this hormone to your body. At the first 4 weeks, you can use Dianabol along with testosterone and then stop the Dianabol. Once stops, the testosterone should continue until the 12th week.

After you have testosterone and Dbol, you may add Trenbolone to your stack. The cycle for DBal typically starts from the first use to four weeks, and Trenbolone starts from the first use to eight weeks.

However, many recommend that Dbol and Trenbolone should not be used along with testosterone. You may add testosterone once the Dianabol finish its four-week cycle.

To substitute Trenbolone, you may also stack with Trenorol. It is one of the oral steroids alternatives that can be stacked with Dianabol. This is because it has a mild effect on the liver and would not burden your liver. Some men believed that this stack would make the result last longer than using Dbol alone.

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Dianabol Cycles

Dianabol or some may call it Dbol, is popular to kick-start your bulking cycle. Using off-season will give you the mass gain you desired. However, Dbol has its own rule in stacking and cycle. Pay attention to what your body needs and how to use Dianabol right.

As a kick starter, the DBOL cycle will last up to six weeks. The total cycle in the bulking cycle is around seventeen weeks. The Dianabol should be taken on the first four to six weeks. You may continue with another injectable steroid for the rest of the cycle.

While Dianabol is not recommended for cutting cycle, it can give benefits to the cycle. Dbol use in the cutting cycle is to maintain strength. It can also be used in a diet program as you lower your calorie intake, This methandienone works on your strength. Using Dbol in diet will also preserve your muscle tissue so that you would stay in shape during the diet.

Dianabol Results

Dianabol has been known as a steroid which increases mass and strength. With proper diet and exercise, Dbol could give the best result. The expected results would be a mass gain around 20 to 30 lbs. Remember that you need to do a post cycle therapy after Dbol usage. The post cycle therapy would help you to avoid side effects, especially gynecomastia.

The results of the gain vary to some people. The amount of 30 lbs is the maximum mass that you can expect from this steroid. Dianabol’s result can be noticed after a few days of use. You would also notice strength gain after a couple of days.

The most important thing is that you balance your nutrition and exercise. Dianabol is known to give a feeling of bloating, but it will only occur if you are taking too many carbohydrates in your diet. Fill up your nutrition with proper protein to get the best result of mass gain.

Steroid Legality by Country

Dominican Republic, Iran, Korea, Serbia, Syria, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Israel, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Mexico, India, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Russia, Bahamas

Best Dianabol Brands

  • Danabol (Balkan pharmaceuticals)
  • Dianoxyl 10 (Kalpa Pharmaceuticals)
  • Methanoplex (Axio)
  • Dbol (Hulk Labs)
  • Methanabol (British Dragon)
  • Dianabol (ARL)
  • Methandienone (Yixin)
  • Danabol DS (March)
  • Danabol DS (Body Research)
  • Lixus Dbol (Lixus Labs)
  • Methacaps 20 (United Hardcore Pharmaceuticals)
  • GP Methan (10 Geneza)
  • Anabol 10 (British Dispensary)
  • Danabol Balkann pharmaceuticals)
  • Methanabol (British Dragon EU)
  • Dianoxyl 50 (Kalpa Pharmaceuticals)
  • Anabol 5mg (British Dispensary)

Legal Steroids DBol

There is also a legal alternative to Dianabol, manufactured by the crazy bulk company. Brand names for this supplement called DBAL. Read here to get details.

If you are a newcomer, make sure that you have someone to assist you. Choose the best stack and cycle to get the DBal work well for you.

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