Niacin Max Review – Best Nicotinic Acid for Bodybuilding [Niacin Supplement]

Niacin Max: Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects & Results

niacin maxHere are some advantages of Niacin Max…

  • Increase HGH (human growth hormone) levels
  • Increase red blood cells count
  • 100% pure niacin nicotinic acid (Vit B3) – 75mg
  • 100% safe to use
  • Not present in WADA prohibited list
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Bodybuilding is viewed as many things to many people. Some think it is an art form. Others believe it is a lifestyle or sport. But whatever it is, the aim is the same: making your body proportionally shaped and fit.

There are many benefits of bodybuilding, such as to reduce the risk of obesity, high cholesterol, and developing coronary heart disease. It also helps to control blood pressure and much more.

Bodybuilding also has a good impact on bones, muscles, and joints. Thus, it is too can contribute to reducing the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis.

Like any other physical exercises, bodybuilding, also, promotes better sleep, better mental health, and mind, and delay aging signs such as memory and thinking problems.

With such many great health impacts, there are many things involved to succeed a bodybuilding program or goals.

Ones need to do the right exercises, an adequate amount of food, water, supplement, and adequate rest. Of course, it is possible to reach bodybuilding goal without taking any supplements.

But if you are thinking of adding a supplement to be included in your diet, that would be niacin supplement.

Niacin Max review
Niacin HGH release. Boosting growth hormone (GH) production naturally

What is it

Niacin or vitamin B3 is a water-soluble vitamin. Niacin is dissolved in water and easily absorbed by the body. This kind of vitamin cannot be stored in the body. That is the reason you need to take in the adequate amount of niacin each day.

Niacin has a wide range of benefit in the body. Those are including maintaining a healthy metabolism and cardiovascular system. It helps the body breaks down carbohydrates, protein, and fats into energy, promoting healthier hair and skin tone, also improves brain function.

Niacin can be found in our daily food sources such as fish, milk, egg, green vegetables, chicken meat, nuts, yeast, cereal grains, and beans.

If ones cannot be sure to consume an adequate amount of natural foods, then taking niacin supplement is beneficial especially for bodybuilders.

There are several benefits of niacin for bodybuilders. These are the reasons why it is called a vitamin for muscle growth:

Niacin helps increase vascularity

Niacin caused small blood vessels and capillaries near the skin surfaces widen, broadening them through the entire body to allow more red blood cells to go through and provide oxygen and other important nutrients to all places.

The rush of the red blood cells causing the skin reddens. This condition is called niacin flush. The flush is one of the signs of proving that the niacin works.

The flush benefit for a long term is the production of growth hormone. The growth hormone or GH is produced naturally in the body. But along with the aging process, the production of the hormone is decreasing slowly.

It caused the reduction of muscle mass, increased fat, loss of energy, and more aging signs. It is also responsible for rehabilitating injured tissues and sore muscles.

By adding more growth hormone to the body system, the healing is achieved faster. It means you can work out more intensively in no time.

Niacin has a great role in increasing energy during bodybuilding activities

It helped to convert the carbohydrates into glucose and burned to produce energy.

Niacin helps to improve digestion

The bodybuilders are following a strict food diet. They are required to take certain food on a regular basis to achieve the goals. Consuming Niacin promotes a healthy digestive system and appetite.

There are many niacin supplements in the market. Which one is the best?

Claimed to be the most powerful niacin supplement in the market, Niacin max is a new scientifically formulated oral-strip supplement. With liposomal encapsulation technology combined with its unique delivery system, Niacin max contains 75 milligrams pure niacin but is about 45 times more effective than other 100 milligrams supplement pill in the market.

How it works

Niacin max is a thin strip of film that dissolves on your tongue. It is fast acting and allowing the niacin to be absorbed through the mucosal tissue in the mouth and into the bloodstream within just minutes. This fascinating technology is called liposomal encapsulation technology.

Another advantage of this advanced technology is that the nutrient contains in the supplement is armored against breakdown caused by destructive acids and enzymes.

The liposome is double layered bubbles that surround the niacin like body armor and transporting it safely into the bloodstream. Any other supplements that are not using this technology are far less effective than the ones using it.

Niacin max is even better protected, better absorbed, and more effective if it compares with other supplements using the same technology.

The liposome used by Niacin max is formulated using the highest quality of pharmaceutical grade phosphatidylcholine.

It also claimed to be the only niacin supplement in the market using a unique combination of the liposomal encapsulation technology and dissolving delivery system for rapid absorption and direct-to-cell-delivery.

The combination is making it fast, effective, and more powerful than any other niacin supplement.

Pros and Cons

The one side effect of taking Niacin is the flushing (niacin flush). It is described as a warm feeling like sunburn, might be itchy and caused reddening on the chest, arms, and hands skin. It is completely harmless and only temporary. The “niacin flush” will happen every time the niacin is consumed but will be less intense once the body builds up a tolerance to it.

Niacin max contains nicotinic acid that will also cause the flushing. Since the technology used is enabling the supplement to reduce the strength of the niacin, the flush will be very mild, but without affecting the result.

Other things that make Niacin max different from other supplements are it can be taken anywhere without liquid, no side effects in the stomach, and it has a pleasant citrus taste. It is such an easier and safer way of taking a supplement.


Each Niacin max strip contains 75 milligrams of pure nicotinic acid.
Although other niacin supplements usually contain 100 milligrams of nicotinic acid, Niacin max is far more effective.

It is absorbed within seconds on your tongue and enters the bloodstreams within 4 to 6 minutes, proved by the rapid appearance of the mild flushing.

niacin max ingredients
Niacin Max ingredients, dosage, warning

Side Effects

Niacin max caused no side effects since the liposomal encapsulation technology makes possible for the niacin does not go to the digestive system at all.

The niacin is delivered directly to cells. Because Niacin max does not go to the digestive system, it will not upset the stomach even when it is taken on an empty stomach.

Niacin max is not intended to treat any medical condition. It is also not recommended to be taken by a pregnant and breastfeeding woman, people with kidney or heart disease, or any other sickness.

How to use

Niacin max is best taken on an empty stomach. It is recommended to take the strip once a day, early in the morning or 3 to 4 hours before the exercise.

The body system will take the nutrient needed and will help to sustain vitality levels through the day. It will also boost the oxygen level in the blood. Niacin max review has verified that it can increase the oxygen level by much as 50%.

If you are exercising 5 times a week, take another strip of Niacin max 3 to 4 hours before going to bed to get even more of the advantage.


Niacin max guaranteed fast and efficient results compared to other niacin supplements.

One of the sign is regular niacin supplements induced the niacin to flush a couple of hours after taking the supplements, while Niacin max only takes 4 to 6 minutes to provoke the flush.

Where to Buy

Niacin max is only available on the official website. It also offers a lower price if you buy it more than a box. It also guarantees 67 days’ full refund if you return the product with its original packaging. This offer sounds too good to be true because you have nothing to lose by trying this excellent product.

For your convenience, you can also submit to the auto-refill service. It allows you to receive a regular stock of Niacin max, ensure you never run out of supply.


Niacinmax is the most powerful niacin supplement in the market. It is proven by numerous clinical trials and backed up by much scientific evidence.

It is the easiest and the most harmless way of taking niacin supplement. Niacin max is suitable for those who take niacin supplement for the first time, as it only causes mild flushing. It is safe for the stomach and to use since it is made from 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade materials and ingredients.

It is produced in ultra-modern facilities using first-rate, CE approved manufacturing equipment. Developed by a well-known European bioscience laboratory, Niacin max has undergone extensive in vivo testing to guarantee its safety.

Since taking pure vitamin is permitted by the law to be used by athletes, taking Niacin max to increase your performance in competitions is 100% legal.

Niacin max also does not use any banned substances. As for now, niacin is not present on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) international standard prohibited list.

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