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Somatropin Use for Bodybuilders. Boost Your Testosterone Levels Quickly

Somatropin / Somatotropin is a synthetic Human Growth Hormone or the HGH. The HGH itself is an important hormone in human’s body. It plays a major role in cell regeneration and maintaining healthy muscle tissue. It will also help in muscle growth and fat loss.

Somatropin cannot be classified as an anabolic steroid. In fact, somatotropin carries a synthetic HGH that will increase testosterone level. It will then make your body a favorable environment for muscle growth.

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Somatropin is not an anabolic steroid, yet it can give a similar result. Many benefits can be gained from somatotropin. Some of them are in steroidal and therapeutic use. Each of purpose will give a different result depends on the dosage and cycle.

Somatropin has the ability to stimulate collagen synthesis. The collagen synthesis in muscles will give it more strength and performance. This is why somatotropin is an excellent agent for increasing muscle strength. It is also believed that is a good anti-aging agent due to this ability.

It also carries an Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 which will make it a good supplement in therapeutic purpose. Somatropin will help a lot in healing the bone fracture. Studies showed that it works with no side effect in healing fractures.

Another use of Somatropin is to lose fat. The HGH promotes lipolysis that will make your body get rid of fat easier. In some cases, somatotropin even used in obese individuals to help them lose fat. Still, the supplement should be balanced with low-calorie diet and exercises.


Somatropin counts in IU amount for dosage. The standard dosage in steroidal use is 4 IU or approximately 1.32 mg. The dosage could be higher in therapeutic purpose. It could be up to 16 IU in daily dosage. Yet, the duration of therapeutic use of somatotropin should be short.

In steroidal use, a dosage of more than 4 IU might lead to side effects. It is also recommended that a daily dose of 4 IU should be divided into two injections. For example, someone may inject 2 IU in the morning and 2 IU in the evening.

Avoid injecting somatotropin before sleep as it will disturb the production of natural HGH which happens at night time.

Side Effects

The side effects may vary for different individuals. One of the common somatotropin side effects is the carpal tunnel. On the first days of Somatropin use, some may experience slight tickling sensation on their fingers. This called the carpal tunnel. It will eventually fade away once you are used to somatotropin.

Water retention is also one of the Somatropin side effects. For some, water retention might give a smoother and tighter skin. But, high water retention might end up in swelling in some part of the body. You may get a swollen face, wrist, and ankles after a couple of weeks of usage.

Hypoglycemia might also happen in the early stage of Somatropin use. You may experience a dramatic drop in blood sugar anytime. To avoid this, keep a sugar bar or energy bar near you in case you feel lethargy due to hypoglycemia.

Another side effect that may occur is gynecomastia, swollen joints, muscle pain, and rectal bleeding. Despite the side effects, the right dosage will lower the chance of negative side effects. So, make sure you are on the right dosage before you plan your cycle.

All the Somatropin side effects will be less likely to happen if you are on the right dose. Once it happens, the side effect will disappear when you lower the dose of somatotropin. It will also disappear completely when the Somatropin cycle stops.

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Stack and Cycle

As a growth factor, Somatropin can be used alone without stacking it with anabolic steroids. Yet, it is common to stack with anabolic steroids such as Sustanon 250, Anavar, or Trenbolone. Some believed that HGH should stack with other similar compounds such as insulin or synthetic thyroid hormone.

In its basic use, a single dose of 4 IU Somatropin each day should be administered for six months. It is the maximum duration of somatotropin. The use of HGH alone will not give an immediate result. This is why most men choose to stack Somatropin with anabolic steroids.

To reach the best result of muscle gain and fat loss, this synthetic growth hormone can stack with Testosterone Cypionate and Trenbolone. The 6-months cycle may start with HGH and overlap with Testosterone Cypionate and Trenbolone from the 3rd to 6th week.

There is another cycle that is used for fat loss purpose. The stack and cycle involve the use of Testosterone Cypionate, Trenbolone Enanthate, Anavar, and T3 (Cytomel).

The 6-months cycle may start with HGH from the beginning to the end of the cycle. Testosterone Cypionate and Trenbolone Enanthate can be added from the 3rd to 6th month of the cycle. At the last two weeks of the cycle, Anavar and T3 may be included in the stack.

Again, your stack choice should depend on the purpose of the cycle. Some may find it’s better when used in fat loss cycle. Remember that HGH is a slow working hormone. Therefore, a typical cycle of Somatropin lasts for 6 months.

The Results

Many expect a fast result when it comes to steroid use. With Somatropin, the effect will be slow. The main result that can be expected is fat loss. It can also add some pounds to your body mass. As a synthetic Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin enhances the way your body regenerates cells.

Another positive effect of Somatropin is that you get more energy. You might also experience a better sleep during Somatropin intake. This will give a good feeling and fresher look for you. Not just that, your blood pressure and cholesterol level will also be improved.

There are many benefits of Somatropin. Still, the result will only be seen if you give your body a proper nutrition along with it.

Steroid Legality by Country

Bahamas, Serbia, Costa Rica, Israel, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, Pakistan, India, Syria, Korea, Mexico, Thailand, Iran, Columbia, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Russia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Hong Kong

Somatropin Brands

  • Hygetropin (Hygene)
  • Riptropin (Riptropin)
  • Jintropin (GenSci)
  • Gentropin (Pfizer)
  • Kigtropin (KangLi)

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