Tricep Exercises – Best 6 Tricep Workout Routines for Mass Building

Tricep exercises, quick and easy ways to build monster triceps

The idea of having a pair of perfectly well-pumped biceps in your arms has been going around for a while. What most people are still unaware of is the fact that triceps are much larger and more complex among the muscle group members. That’s why you need tricep exercises.

The truth is, having perfectly-proportioned arms require two-thirds of triceps and one-third of biceps. Therefore, triceps get the bigger portion in making your arms look good from all angles.

tricep exercises triceps workout

Train the muscles with focused, high-intensity exercise, using variety and the maximum amount of weight possible. This is how you get to achieve the ideal size and proportion that you want.

However, doing this exercise does not mean you stock too many carbs and put on weight while also sacrificing the form and the technique.

Applying the wrong type of exercising the triceps may change the main target of your training onto some other group of muscles.

In many tricep exercises, being unaware of your elbows’ direction will result in transferring the work onto your shoulders. Your triceps will not receive the benefits they need.

So let get it on! Here are the versions of our six tricep exercises.

Seated triceps presses

In these tricep exercises use seated triceps presses, you will target the three separate heads of the triceps.

seated triceps presses

Starting Position: Sit on a bench with back support and hold a dumbbell with both hands. Lift it above your head at your arms’ length.

Your palms should be facing inward, against each other. You can either choose a dumbbell that is heavy enough. If it is heavier, ask someone to hand it to you.

The Exercise: With your elbows held inward, keep your upper arms close to your head. They have to be perpendicular to the floor before you lower the resistance behind your head with a semi-circular motion.

Do this until your forearms are in contact with your biceps. Keep your upper arms still while your forearms move. Breathe in and out as you do this. Repeat this as many as you need.

Lying triceps presses

This is an advanced exercise that allows you to overload the triceps muscles for a great burn. Using a spotter is optional.

lying triceps presses

Starting Position: You may choose an EZ bar or a straight bar on the floor as you lie on a flat bench. Keep that bar behind your head while your feet are on the floor.

Then, using a medium overhand grip, grab, and raise the bar in front of you until it is at arms’ length. Place your arms to be perpendicular to the torso and the floor. Tuck your elbows in.

The Exercise: Lower the weight slowly until the bar is in a slight contact with your forehead. Keep your upper arms and elbow still.

Then use the triceps to bring the weight back up while you breathe out. Repeat as recommended.

Additional note: Exercise this with extra caution. Choose the weight carefully to avoid any elbow injury. You can also vary this workout with a decline bench and dumbbells.

Triceps kickbacks

Triceps kickbacks develop the triceps’ upper area. High intensity is important, but it needs to back up by control and a smooth technique.

triceps kickbacks

Starting Position: Have dumbbells in both hands with the palms facing your torso. Keep your head while your torso is almost parallel to the floor.

Keep your upper arms close to your torso and parallel to the floor. With a 90-degree angle between your forearm and upper arm, keep your forearms facing the floor while you hold the weights.

The Exercise: While keeping your arms still, exhale while lifting the weights with the power from your triceps. Do this until your arm extends fully.

The focus in moving your forearm. Once it is at the top, inhale and slowly lower the dumbbells back down. Repeat as necessary.

Additional note: Besides a dumbbell, you can also use a low pulley handle.

Triceps pushdowns

With the proper technique, you will work your triceps through the entire motion.

triceps pushdowns

Starting Position: With an attached high-cable pulley, grasp a short straight bar with an overhand grip. Keep your hands about 10 inches apart from each other.

Your forearms should be parallel to the floor. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and as you slightly bend your knees. Lock your elbows in close to your body and with your wrists straight.

The Exercise: Using the power in your triceps, bring the bar down. Go as far as touching the front part of your thighs. Be sure that your arms are fully extended perpendicularly to the floor.

Keep your upper arms still, and only your forearms move. Exhale as you do this. After staying in the contracted position for a second, slowly bring the bar up as you inhale. Repeat this exercise as necessary/recommended.

Cable extensions

Consider this exercise to complete your entire triceps workout.

cable extensions

Starting Position: Your right hand should grasp a single handle attached to the high-cable pulley using an underhand grip as you stand directly in front of the weight stack.

Pull it down so that your upper arm and elbow are locked into the side of your body. Your upper arm and forearm should form a right angle, which is less than 90-degrees.

Keep the other arm by the waist as you stand on one leg to the front and the other one to the back. Standing like this will keep you in the right balance.

The Exercise: Contracting your triceps, move the single handle down to one side until your arm is straight. Exhale as you do this.

Since only the forearms can move, your upper arms should stay still. After taking a slow breath, bring the handle back up slowly. Inhale as you do this. Repeat this exercise as recommended.

Bench Dips

To finish off your workout, this classic style lets you depend on your body weight for resistance.

bench dips

Starting Position: Put a bench behind your back. Since it is perpendicular to your body, as you look away, hold on to the bench by the edge with your hands fully extended.

Extend your legs forward, bent at the waist as they are also perpendicular to your torso.

The Exercise: Lower your body slowly as you inhale, bending your elbows. Go down as far as smaller than a 90-degree-angle between your upper arm with your forearm.

Direct your forearms down, and your elbows must be as close as possible through the entire movement. After that, slowly bring your torso back up again as you inhale. Repeat as recommended.

That all the 6 tricep exercises, and here is some other workout…

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