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Winstrol Steroid for Bodybuilders. Strength Gains, Burn Fat & Lean Muscle Mass

Street name for this roid is “Winny”. First developed in the 1950’s, Winstrol made of the stanozolol hormone. It is one of the most popular steroids of all time.

Winstrol has been used by many athletes. In fact, many athlete’s steroid scandals involved Winny in it. Not only used to enhance performance but also used in a therapeutic purpose.

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Stanozolol is a highly anabolic hormone with low androgenic. This makes Winstrol give much more benefit with a low chance of androgenic side effects. Due to its structure, this anabolic steroid types is one of the few steroids that can be both taken orally or injected.

winstrol anabolic steroids
Stanozolol benefits, dosage, side effects, stack, cycles, results

Winstrol Benefits

The stanozolol hormone carries the ability to increase protein synthesis. A high rate of protein synthesis will let you gain mass and strength.

It also has the ability to increase nitrogen retention rate, which will make your muscle firmer. Yet, it is rarely used in a bulking cycle. The best cycle to use Winstrol is in diet phase.

It has been known as the strength enhancer as well as speed enhancer. This is why Winstrol is often found in competitive athletes. While for bodybuilders, there are other benefits of Winny for them.

Winstrol has a unique ability to lower Sex Hormone Binding Globulin or in short, SHBG. This means that the hormone will be released to the body significantly. The most important thing is SHBG allows free testosterone to produce.

Winstrol has been used for therapeutic purposes. This is due to its ability to increase red blood cells. Increased red blood cells will make your body recover well from injuries. It can also be useful in therapy for bone fracture.

Female bodybuilders will find more benefit than male bodybuilders. For male body-builders, Stanozolol will not give a significant effect on the bulking cycle. While for female bodybuilders, this will give a good rate of mass gain during the bulking cycle. Winstrol can also give a firmer and drier look on the muscles, which will be good for those with lean muscles.

Winstrol Dosage

Bulking Cycle

For male bodybuilders, Winstrol might not a good choice for the bulking cycle. It would not give a significant effect as other steroids do.

Still, Winstrol can give a benefit at the end of the bulking cycle for a male. A dose of 50 mg per day at the last weeks of the bulking cycle will let free testosterone produce. This will help your natural testosterone back in production once the bulking cycle ends.

For female bodybuilders, a dose of 10 mg every day in the bulking cycle is enough. Some may find the need to increase the dose up to 20 mg per day. But, the higher the dose, the more reluctant you are to the side effects. The side effect of virilization may appear in female as the dose increases. Virilization is when a female develops male characteristics such as deep voice and body hair growth.

Cutting Cycle

In the cutting cycle, both male and female bodybuilders will feel the benefit of Winstrol. It can give a great effect to make your muscles harder. A dose of 50 mg per day for six to eight weeks will be a proper dosage in the cutting cycle. Some may add the dose up to 100 mg per day, but it is considered a high dose. A high dose will be more toxic to the liver and will give negative side effects.

Winstrol Side Effects

The side effects of Winstrol would be around androgenic, cardiovascular, and hepatotoxic side effects.


The androgenic side effects would be more significant for female. Virilization signs such as deep voice, body hair growth, and clitoris enlargement may appear.


For the cardiovascular side effects, Stanozolol is likely to increase LDL cholesterol. If you already have a high level of LDL cholesterol, it is best to avoid “Winny” as your steroid. Even for a healthy individual, This anabolic steroid use should be balanced with a low-cholesterol diet. You can also take omega fatty acids supplements to balance the usage.


As for the hepatotoxic side effects, high dosage can be toxic to the liver. Note that both oral and injected Stanozolol can be toxic for the liver. To avoid this, you need to run a well-planned cycle and dosage. You may want to avoid using it for over six weeks to maintain your liver health.

In another note, Winstrol also tends to suppress testosterone. While it has the ability to lower SHBG that can produce free testosterone, you may need to take external testosterone. External testosterone will help you in balancing your testosterone level.

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Winstrol Stack and Cycle

In bulking and cutting cycle, “Winny” always used in the last weeks of the cycle. An example for Stanozolol stack is using HGH 2 IU for the 1st to 14th week; overlap with Primobolan at the 5th to 8th week; end the cycle with Winstrol from the 8th to 12th week. It is a good stack and cycle for female bodybuilders as it is used in bulking cycle.

In the male cutting cycle, the basic stack would be with testosterone and Equipoise. An example of the stack in cutting cycle is to use Testosterone Enanthate for the 1st to 12th week, Equipoise on the 1st to 8th week, and finish it with Stanozolol from the 7th to 12th week.

However, Winstrol will give its significant benefit in the cutting cycle. Its ability to make the muscle harder will be the best steroid to use in ending the cycle. It is recommended that you use another steroid in the bulking cycle, and end it with Stanozolol in the cutting cycle.

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Winstrol Results

As mentioned before, “Winny” will give a harder and drier look on the muscles. For functional athletes, it can also enhance strength and speed. For male bodybuilders, Stanozolol may be good to suppress the level of SHBG to produce free testosterone. Still, male bodybuilders will find more benefit in cutting cycle.

As for female bodybuilders, Stanozolol will be good in bulking and cutting cycle. Its ability to turn fat to lean muscles will be a benefit for female. Female bodybuilders will also find Winstrol enhance their strength in exercises.

Remember that a well-planned cycle should always be balanced with a proper nutrition and exercise. The right combination of dosage, stack, and cycle should give you the desired result.

Where are Steroids Legal

Bulgaria, Columbia, Sri Lanka, Bahamas, Israel, Korea, Thailand, Iran, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Russia, India, Mexico, Syria, Egypt, Serbia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Lebanon

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  • Stanol (Body Research)
  • Strombafort (Balkan pharmaceuticals)
  • Lixus Winstrol (Lixus Labs)
  • Stanabol (British Dragon EU)
  • Rexobol (Alpha Pharma)
  • Strombafort 50 (Balkan pharmaceuticals)
  • Stanbol 50 (British Dragon EU)
  • Stanozol 5 (Casablanca)
  • Stanoxyl 50 (Kalpa Pharmaceuticals)
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  • Winstrol (Hulk Labs)
  • Stanotrex (Concentrex)
  • Azolol 5mg (British Dispensary)
  • Winstrol Depot (Desma)
  • Stanabol (British Dragon)
  • Stanodex (Sciroxx)

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